Tilt n Turn Windows Glasgow
Tilt n Turn Windows

Tilt and Turn windows offer added safety and convenience compared to your traditional casement windows. We offer Tilt n Turn windows with their special innovative hinge system. The Tilt n Turn window system is easy to operate, in the ‘Tilt Position’, the top tilts in towards the room to provide enhanced ventilation. In the ‘Turn Position’, the window opens inwards a full 90 degrees, this also acts to make it suitable as a fire escape exit and allowing the exterior of the window to be safely and easily cleaned from inside the house.

Casement Windows Glasgow
Casement Windows

We offer traditional Casement style windows. These Casement windows are the most popular, their versatile window design offers superb protection against the wind and rain. With a special hinge either on the side or at the top, Casement windows are the most energy-efficient option for many homes, and with a vast range of Casement windows styles and decorative finishes available, Smiths Windows and Doors Casement windows are designed to complement any house type.

French Windows Glasgow
French Windows

French windows are stylish, secure, and versatile, French windows, designed in the style as French doors, add a sense of elegance to your home. The French windows feature two outward openings, and the facility to open either one side or both sides simultaneously, our French windows maximise ventilation and serve as an additional safety or fire escape exit.

Shaped Frames Glasgow
Shaped Frames

Shaped frames can create a unique look and feel to any new build home or renovation project. With our suppliers, we advanced moulding and forming technology, we can create frames in any shape, from round portholes to gothic arches and unsymmetrical shapes. All our shaped frames are designed to complement our window range, with a fully sculptured frame finish and a range of colour and glazing options available.

Safety & Security
Safety & Security

With innovative design and manufacturing techniques ensures that our frames are tough, robust, and durable. All our frames are fully welded for a strong and secure overall uPVC window frame structure, and greater consistency of finish. With all products stringent quality control procedures and checks take place at regular intervals in the production process to ensure that a strong, secure, and quality product is produced. All our windows are internally glazed for extra security. This means that the double-glazing bead faces the interior of the home and therefore cannot be removed from outside the house, thus keeping your double-glazing unit safely and securely in place. For additional safety, glass can be specified as toughened or laminated.